2018 Waterkeeper Alliance Conference

By Ricardo Domínguez and Monserratt Martínez / Terra Peninsular

Waterkeeper Alliance seeks to protect water bodies throughout the world, and in September 2016 Terra Peninsular officially joined that alliance through the San Quintín Bay program.

From June 6 to 10, 2018, Monserratt Martínez, Foundation Liaison Officer, and Ricardo Domínguez, San Quintín Bay Waterkeeper Projects Associate, attended the Waterkeeper Alliance Conference, which was held in Buffalo, New York.

Throughout the week, workshops and round tables were held in order to increase the technical knowledge of the participants, as well as dynamics to strengthen the interrelations between the members of different organizations that fight for the same common good in different parts of the world. The great diversity was noted as Waterkeeper members from 29 different countries attended the convention.

From Thursday to Saturday, attendees participated in the workshops: “Water quality monitoring”, “Beach cleaning”, “Use of remote sensors for water quality monitoring”, “Safety strategies and irrigation reduction”, “Collection of water funds”,”Narrative and citizen science”,”Microplastic contamination: the spill we are all part of”, among others.

In addition, regional meetings were held in order to find solutions to specific problems that are faced every day. Also, on Friday, June 8, all participants were invited to visit Niagara Falls, an impressive group of waterfalls. Undoubtedly, the falls are the perfect example that the great effort made to conserve water bodies is worthwhile.

Foto: Waterkeeper Alliance


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