2nd. International Congress of Natural Protected Areas in Aguascalientes

By César Guerrero / Executive Director

This article was translated by Estefanía López, Oscar Colunga and Gaël Courtin

At the congress our goal was to present to the critics and to the academic opinion, the technical projects implemented throughout the year by the Department of Conservation.

During the two days of activities, between October 10th and 11th, in the facilities of the University of Aguascalientes, we witnessed more than a hundred conferences, 150 posters and four exceptional lectures. A lot of issues were addressed such as: the climate change, the connectivity and the energy flow amongst the Natural Protected Areas (ANP) of the country, as well as the social, economic and sustainable interaction of the areas.

Representing Terra Peninsular, one person of each area of the Department of Conservation had the chance to participate, seeking out to show and enrich the frontlines of our technical work. The following topics were presented:

  • “Ecological Restoration of Punta Mazo Coastal Dunes: an approximation to the co-management of Natural Protected Areas”, by Jorge Andrade
  • “Bird Festivals as a Strategy to Raise Awareness and Social Participation for the Conservation Natural Areas”, by Claudia Guzmán.
  • “The use of the Voluntarily Designated Areas for Conservation (ADVC) as a mitigation tool against climate change: a study case of the Reserves in Baja California”, by Aurora Torres.
  • “Characterization of the macro invertebrates and macro algae present in the rocky intertidal of the San Quintin Wetland Complex”, by Ricardo Domínguez.

In addition, this was an international congress and participated thousands of attendants, coming from all states of the Republic of Mexico, as well as countries such as Colombia, Chile, United States, Peru and France.

Contacts made during this sort of events result to be strategic and very productive. This way, we have joined our efforts with the National Commission for Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (Conabio) for a project to strengthen biological corridors and to study the connection amongst our working areas.

It was also very productive to participate at the talk lead by Biologist Irma González, Director of the Espiritu Santo National Park, in which she did a presentation of the works carried out to include this park in the green list of the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).

I believe that we achieved the goal. Today, after participating at the event, we can be critics towards our own works. We realized that is necessary to boost our knowledge about the topic of the adaptations to climate change that we need to systematize in a better way our efforts of biological and ecological monitoring, with the final aim of registering our Natural Protected Areas in the IUCN green list. Not only to be part of this important list, but because by the time we’ll reach the standards needed to be part of the list we will also become efficient on the evaluation of our impact and development.

I feel pleased for our achievements and also because I’m realizing the professional growth of Terra Peninsular as an institution and the personal growth of each of its members. My most sincere congratulations to all those who participated in this event.

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