What Did We Achieve in 2019?

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It’s time we share our key achievements in 2019! This year we also celebrated 18 years protecting wildlife and nature in Baja California.

The San Quintin Bay Bird Festival was a success!

Over 300 people enjoyed two days of activities to celebrate bird migration in San Quintin. You can see the photo album here

Read more about this festival in the upcoming issue of the Mediterranews magazine. Issue available in February 2020!

Festival de las Aves 2019

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Snowy plover in Ensenada

This year we continued to protect the snowy plover! This is a project that began in 2018 with the campaign “The beach belongs to everyone”, and between April and August we protected over 45 nests of snowy plover through seasonal protection fences, awareness activities and monitoring.

This was possible thanks to the financial support of the Coastal Solutions program of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Petroglyphs were found near the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve

Through a collaboration with the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), a total of 16 petroglyphs were identified in El Rosario, in the area of influence of the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve.

Two INAH archaeologists, Enah and Fiorella, as well as Héctor Sánchez of Terra Peninsular participated on this project.

Training in Alaska

Vitza Cabrera of Terra Peninsular had the opportunity to participate in an exchange of experiences in Cordova, Alaska thanks to a collaboration with the US Forest Service. This training will help to plan and develop recreational activities in San Quintin.

Read the adventures of Vitza on the blog Following the Flyway!

Wait for the upcoming issue of the Mediterranews magazine to read about this adventure. Issue available in February 2020!

Project in Sierra San Pedro Martir

As part of the Resilience Project, we are carrying out climate change adaptation measures in the Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park. This project is funded by the United Nations Development Program in Mexico and the Fund for the World Environment.

Wait for the next issue of the Mediterranews magazine to learn more about this project. Issue available in February 2020!

First exhibition of the Huellas Volcanicas Photography Club

The Huellas Volcanicas Photography Club presented 15 photos that show landscapes and the natural richness of San Quintin; this exhibition was held in California, USA.

These young photographers have received training and have learned to use photography as a tool to promote and value the natural and cultural heritage of San Quintin.

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Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival in Alaska

César Guerrero and Bárbara Ramírez traveled to Alaska to attend the Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival in Cordova, Alaska. These exchanges of experiences have helped to learn about festivals held in other parts of the world and, as a result enrich the Bird Festival we have in San Quintin.

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Mammals in the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve

We use camera traps to document wildlife in the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve, and so far we have captured images of different mammals such as coyotes, pumas, bobcats, deers and foxes, among others.

Watch the video here

Seagrass monitoring

We carry out monitoring of seagrass beds in the San Quintín lagoon complex to identify the negative effects caused by the discharge of desalination plants.

Ricardo Domínguez of Terra Peninsular wrote an article about the importance of marine conservation in San Quintin. Read the article here

We won an underwater drone!

Thanks to the National Geographic Open Explorer initiative, this year we won an underwater drone that we’ve used to capture underwater images of San Quintin Bay, we will share the photos soon!

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Beach clean up in Ensenada and San Quintin

As every year, in September we participated in the International Coastal Cleanup convened by Ocean Conservancy. We had the support of more than 400 volunteers who helped collect as much trash as possible from the beaches. 

  • In San Quintin we collected 761 pounds of trash.
  • In Ensenada we collected 759 pounds of trash.

The strangest thing we found was an old refrigerator!

Arthropod monitoring in the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve

This year, monitoring was carried out in the dunes of El Socorro and the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve as part of the project “Entomological study of the coastal dunes of the Baja California peninsula as a baseline for ecosystem management”, which is coordinated by Natalia A. Rodríguez Revelo, PhD, and Michael Wall, PhD, of the San Diego Natural History Museum.

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Students of UDLAP and UABC did an internship at Terra Peninsular

Biology students of UDLAP and UABC made an internship at Terra Peninsular during the summer, and helped in different monitoring activities at the natural reserves.

Carolina Rivera, one of the students, wrote and article about her experience. Read the article here

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