Bird Festival FAQs

What is Terra Peninsular and what does it do? Terra Peninsular is a Mexican non-profit organization that works on the protection of natural areas in the peninsula of Baja California. Since 2001 this organization has protected more than 54,000 acres of natural areas and has certified four nature reserves.

Why does Terra Peninsular organize Bird Festivals? The festivals are part of the Community Engagement program and are an effort to bring the issue of migratory shorebirds closer to society and promote environmental friendly actions.

How often do festivals take place and where? Terra Peninsular organizes two festivals a year:

The dates of both festivals coincide with the presence of thousands of migratory birds in both Ensenada and San Quintín, as many species spend the fall and winter in the northwestern region of Mexico.

When will the 2018 San Quintín Bay Bird festival take place? December 6, 7 and 8, 2018.

Does the Bird Festival have a cost? No! The access to the festivals is completely free. Some activities have a recovery fee and there are also food and beverage stands.

Where can I find out about the program and the activities? The program  is available online here.

How to get to San Quintín?

What are the recommendations for attending the festivals?

  • Bring with you a hat, binoculars, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • You can bring your pets, as long as they have a leash to avoid disturbing the birds.
  • We also encourage guests to pick up their trash and separate the trash in different containers.

What is the birdwatching marathon? The birdwatching marathon is a free activity that consists of listing the largest number of bird species observed during each festival, the marathon takes place since 2017. People of all ages can participate in two categories: beginners and advanced. Information about the registration process, guidelines and categories is published each year at:

What is the impact of my participation on the Bird Festivals? As a general guest, you will be able to enjoy different activities and learn about the birds and the environment in an interactive way, while as a speaker you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and skills in order to raise awareness about the importance of migratory birds.

What results have the festivals had in the past? The attendance to the festival has grown with each edition, with more than 600 people participating in 2017. The event has also generated interest in the local and state press.

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