Blank Page: My Participation in the Design Week

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Laura Tamayo / Graphic Designer

This article was translated by Amairani Márquez and Manuel Eduardo Mendoza

Each year the Design Week is held at Xochicalco University, in which the students of the Integral Design career participate in different recreational activities and attend lectures and workshops that help them to fortify their personal and professional development. This year the event was held from February 18 to 22.

When I was a student, I had the opportunity to listen to several professionals who undoubtedly raised curiosities and astonishment, especially on what a designer can do. On this occasion, I was invited to participate as a graduate student to share with the future designers my experience working in an environmental conservation association. I have to admit that it was very emotional to perform this talk because it required an introspective analysis where experiences, challenges, achievements and new learning were included.

The title of the presentation was Página en blanco: en búsqueda de inspiración (Blank Page: In Search for Inspiration in English) and it was about the importance of letting ourselves learn, enjoy what we do, be authentic and work on what we are passionate about. Through photographs, I talk about each of these aspects that are part of a vision guided by a curiosity of the relationship between man and nature. There were around 40 people, including students and teachers.

I would like to thank the Faculty of Design for the invitation. I hope I have spread in my attentive listeners the motivation to follow their aspirations, considering the effect over time and contribution to the care of the environment.