Internship with Terra Peninsular

By Lupita Solano / Environment for the Americas

I can’t believe how quickly my three month internship with Terra Peninsular went by. The experience was an unbelievable gift, filled with unique experiences and wonderful people.

I want to thank Environment for the Americas (EFTA), Fish and Wildlife Service, Terra Peninsular, CIBNOR, CICESE, UABC, and all of the wonderful community members I got to meet along the way for providing me with this unforgettable experience. It was truly a collaborative effort so that I could further my career in conservation, and to increase my knowledge of our avian friends.

In addition to this EFTA internship being a great learning opportunity for me, it has also served as an exchange of ideas, thoughts, philosophy, and culture. I feel wholeheartedly that Terra Peninsular has been an incredible influence in my personal philosophy as a conservationist and appreciate the outreach goals they work towards every single day.

One of my favorite things about working with Terra Peninsular is that they have a genuine camaraderie and they didn’t fail to make me feel included in it. From birding outings, and hanging out after a long work week, to long work meetings. Everyone at Terra always made sure I was involved.

You may be wondering how I adjusted to life in Baja. It was easier than I thought, everyone that I met was extremely kind and curious about my internship and it was oftentimes easy to find common ground. I met many artists, students, and conservationists who not only wanted to know who I was and what I was doing there, but also wanted to teach me things and show me their favorite aspects of Baja California.

The time I wasn’t spending working with Terra Peninsular, I was using to immerse myself in the town. I took a nine week ceramics class with an amazing ceramist named Sara. My friend (and fellow intern) Christine and I went to the gym most days. We frequented a coffee shop a block away from Terra. We cooked together, and got to know the local food scene. It is to die for! Most importantly, my time with Terra Peninsular has encouraged me to grow as a human being and as a conservationist. It has empowered me to follow my path with even more determination, empathy, and overall compassion. I know I will be coming back, so rather than a goodbye, I like to think of this as a see you soon.

Posted by Terra Peninsular on Friday, April 6, 2018

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