Volume 4, Issue 15

May 2019



“Third anniversary!” by Antonieta Valenzuela / Page 2

Terra News

“Where Are We Heading?” by César Guerrero and Bárbara Ramírez / Page 2

Terra Story

“Stronger Than Ever”, by Verónica Meza / Page 9

Terra News

“18 Years of Conservation for Baja California”, by Bárbara Ramírez. / Page 10

Article | Economic Development

“The Strengthening of the Areas Voluntarily Destined for Conservation”, by Jorge Luis Basave / Page 15

Article | Botany

“Super Bloom 2019: The Biggest in over a Decade?”, by Paula Pijoan / Page 19

Put into Practice

“Plastic Free Ensenada”, by Erika Jiménez / Page 24

Article | Diversity

“Punta Mazo and El Socorro: Unique Coastal Dunes in San Quintín”, by Natalia Rodríguez / Page 25

Article | Technology

“The Use of Drones for Environmental Conservation”, by Jorge Andrade / Page 28


“Friends of the Sea”, by Claudia Guzmán / Page 31


“Achieving the Impossible” by Carlos R. Bañales / Page 35


Page 37


Page 37

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