Mediterranews magazine

Volume 1, Issue 4

December 2016
  • Date of publication: December 13, 2016
  • Volume: 1
  • Issue: 4
  • Cover photo: Alan Harper


Terra News

“Second Annual Bird Festival” by Jorge Andrade, Bárbara Ramírez and Antonieta Valenzuela (page 5)

Flora and Fauna

  • “Microbial mats in Laguna Figueroa: possible analogs of ancient life on Mars” by Jacob Valdivieso (page 9)
  • “Meet the Black Brant” by Eduardo Palacios and Antonieta Valenzuela (page 13)

My Life in Terra

“The tenacious grip of beauty, culture, and conservation in Baja California” by Jerre Stallcup (page 15)

What Do We Do?

  • Community Engagement (page 17)
  • Rancho La Concepción Nature Reserve (page 19)

Terra Actions

9 eco-friendly Christmas tips (page 23)