Mediterranews magazine

Volume 2, Issue 9

December 2017
  • Date of publication: December 15, 2017
  • Volume: 2
  • Issue: 9
  • Cover photo: Jorge Andrade


Terra News

  • “Invasive Exotic Species in San Quintín: a Community-based Response for Restoration of Affected Sites“ by Jorge Andrade (page 5)
  • “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost“ by Enah Fonseca and Gabriela Inés Mejía (page 9)
  • “San Quintín Intertidal Rocky Zone: a Look at Time Zero“ by Ricardo Domínguez, Christian Alfonso Martínez, Carlos Lozano García and Aldo Franco Díaz (page 13)
  • “A Makeover for ‘The Shelter’” by Bárbara Ramírez (page 17)

Terra Stories

  • “Bahía de Todos Santos Was Designated as a Reserve for Shorebirds” (page 8)
  • “We Had Our First Beach Cleanup in San Quintin Bay” by Enrique Alfaro and Ricardo Domínguez (page 12)

Terra Moments

“Work Meeting on the Conservation of San Quintín” by Verónica Meza and Jonathan Vargas (page 18)


“Searching for the Giants of the Kelp Forest in Mexican Waters: the Giant Sea Bass” by Arturo Ramírez, María Paula Sgarlatta, Juan Carlos Villaseñor, Timothy J. Rowell, Brad Erisman and Arturo Hernández (page 19)

Terra Facts

“Punta Mazo Nature Reserve” by Antonieta Valenzuela (page 25)

Terra Actions

“Tips to Keep Our Planet Clean” by Antonieta Valenzuela (page 28)

My Life in Terra

“My Experience in Sierra San Pedro Mártir” by Laura Tamayo (page 29)