Mediterranews magazine

Volume 1, Issue 2

June 2016
  • Date of publication: June 21, 2016
  • Volume: 1
  • Issue: 2
  • Cover photo: Alan Harper


Terra News

  • “Terra Peninsular’s Anniversary Celebration in San Quintin Bay” (page 14)
  • “Interpretive Stations: La Ola and Mirador Valle Volcánico” by Verónica Meza and Antonieta Valenzuela (page 16)
  • “Participatory Strategic Planning at La Chorera” by Jorge Andrade and Antonieta Valenzuela (página 18)

Flora and Fauna

  • “What is the cause of sea lions strandings?” by Alejandro Arias del Razo (page 4)
  • The Boojum tree: and endemic species” by José Delgadillo Rodríguez (page 6)


Urgent bulletin (page 21)

What Do We Actually Do?

About Land Protection Strategy (page 2)