Mediterranews magazine

Volume 2, Issue 7

  • Date of publication: June 21, 2017
  • Volume: 2
  • Issue: 7
  • Cover photo: Alan Harper


Terra News

  • “Art and conservation” by Louise Aceves and Miguel Santamaría (page 5)
  • “Shorebird festival in Alaska” by Jorge Andrade and Antonieta Valenzuela (page 7)

Special Article

“Permanent or seasonal collection? Mollusks consumption during the prehistory of Baja California” by Enah M. Fonseca (page 9)

Terra Moments

Bird banding in Alaska (page 14)


  • “Bats in the Baja California peninsula” by Laura A. Nájera (page 15)
  • “Over-summering birds in San Quintín Bay” by Jonathan Vargas and Estefanía Muñoz (page 19)

Terra Facts

Monte Ceniza Nature Reserve (page 21)

Terra Actions

Guidelines for visitors in the nature reserves (page 24)