Monitoring of Snowy Plover with GPS Tags in Ensenada

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By Jonathan Vargas / Bird Conservation Projects Associate

We are very happy to share some of the results to protect the snowy plover in Bahía de Todos Santos, in Ensenada.

Last week we placed GPS tags on 10 snowy plovers. In total, 6 males and 4 females were banded, and we hope that this season some of them will nest inside the temporary protection areas that we installed in Playa El Ciprés in collaboration with Pacifica at Ensenada Bay, in front of the military field of El Ciprés, and the Estero de Punta Banda.

These fences will help protect the nests and chickens so they can survive, this way we will continue supporting the recovery of this species in Ensenada.

During these activities, we received help from the students Álvaro San José and Andrea Paola from the UABC, and the biologist Marina Estefanía Muñoz, who learned the methods of monitoring, capture and banding, as well as taking morphometric measurements.

This is a collaboration with Dr. Luke Eberhart Phillip (Max Planck Institute for Ornithology) and Dr. Daniel Galindo (UABCS), and it s part of an international effort that seeks to study migratory movements to determine the connectivity of their breeding areas with the sites used during migration and winter; but most importantly, the information collected will help create more effective conservation strategies internationally.

These tags will be placed in snowy plovers in Ceuta Bay, Sinaloa, Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA, and San Quintín Bay, Baja California.

Students from UABC participated on this activity.

In Mexico to study and protect the snowy plover, we coordinate efforts with the Chorlo Nevado Monitoring Group (CHORLNEV), made up of ornithologists from Aves del Noroeste Group (GANO), UNAM, CICESE, Eco Kaban, Terra Peninsular and UABCS.

Thanks to the Coastal Solutions project and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), we will continue to reinforce the “La playa es de todos” campaign over the next two years to protect migratory shorebirds at Bahía de Todos Santos.

These activities were carried out from May 23 to May 25, 2019 in Ensenada, Baja California, with the objective of studying the patterns of migration and habitat use of the snowy plover in Bahía de Todos Santos, which is a Shorebird Reserve since 2017.

Jonathan Vargas coordinates the project in Ensenada.
Estero de Punta Banda