Conservation of Nature Has Never Tasted So Good

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By Bárbara Ramírez / Development and Communications Leader

This article was translated by Amairani Márquez and Manuel Eduardo Mendoza

For beer lovers, it is not strange to know that Baja California is the capital of craft beer in Mexico. This region has been dedicated to producing excellent beer for a long time and its boom has been so impressive that we now have a great variety of beers from which to choose.

Ensenada Beer Fest is the meeting point where independent brewers and beer lovers from all over the country and southern California have been meeting since 8 years ago. The ninth edition of this event was held on March 22 and 23 at Riviera Cultural Center where around 7000 people attended to know the proposals of 120 independents breweries; Terra Peninsular was there with our own beer Branta Negra. This proposal was elaborated by Cerveceria Escafandra, an independent brewery, who offered those looking for a good beer, an enjoyment of a bourbon porter while contributing to the protection of the nature of Baja California.

Foto Bárbara Ramírez.

Since 2016, Cerveceria Escafandra joined the cause of the conservation of natural resources which makes this region so special, and they decided to help by creating with Terra Peninsular, a beer with a cause that allocates a percentage of the profits to nature conservation.

The idea of the Branta Negra beer arose to respond to the need of Terra Peninsular, as a non-profit organization, to have more sources of funding to continue and increase the conservation projects of the landscape and natural resources of Baja California. Civil society organizations depend on donations from foundations, individuals and companies to carry out what we do best, in our case: protect nature. However, as projects grow and succeed, there is a greater need to increase the economic resources to maintain them. Thanks to the Programa Pescadero del Fondo Noroeste (FONNOR), we began to explore ways to have an alternative that would allow us to generate our own economic resources.

If you also want to join this project, you can find Branta Negra beer with Cerveceria Escafandra at Irish 4 in Ensenada. Your responsible use will contribute to the conservation of Baja California, a region of incredible natural landscapes and excellent craft beer.