Second eBird Workshop in Ensenada

By Jonathan Vargas / Birds Conservation Projects Associate

This article was translated by Estefanía López and Oscar Colunga

On October 26 and 27, 2018, the second eBird workshop was held in Ensenada with the purpose of promoting citizen science for the conservation of shorebirds in Bahía de Todos Santos.

The theoretical and practical workshop was held to promote the use of the eBird platform and the Merlin ID Bird application.

During the first day we learned about the importance of citizen science for the knowledge and conservation of birds, we talked about the importance of these platforms and explored all the tools that the website and the application give us. This took place at the brewery Transpeninsular.

The following day we went on a field trip to the Bahía de Todos Santos Shorebird Reserve, where we put into practice the use of these platforms by using the applications in our cellphones. We were birdwatching and sharing the lists of records made during the tours, and putting into practice the techniques of observation and identification of shorebirds and migratory birds.

In this workshop 14 people participated, 10 new eBird accounts were created and more than 4 lists were generated, which together add up to 67 bird species now recorded in the application.

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