Staff of Terra Peninsular receives training in Alaska

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As part of an agreement with the US Forest Service, Mirna Borrego, Education and Community Outreach Officer of Terra Peninsular, participated in the first exchange program in Cordova, Alaska, USA.

The main goal of this exchange is to protect migratory shorebirds through collaborative alliances with different organizations in the Pacific coast that results in preservation actions.

Another goal is to strengthen bird festivals and other events organized by Terra Peninsular in Ensenada and in San Quintín, since the purpose is also to learn and replicate the ideas in a local level, which will bring benefits to the community and to migratory birds.

“I arrived approximately one month before the festival and during all that time I got involved in different activities, in a way to get closer to the people and to introduce myself with the community. It’s very easy to feel welcomed here when the office environment is warm and welcoming like a big family. My work group was magnificent, led by Erin Cooper who promoted this experience exchange”, said Mirna Borrego about her experience.

The Education and Community Outreach Officer also helped in the organization of the 28th edition of the Copper River Delta Shorebirds Festival. The officer participated in voluntary activities and imparted educative workshops in local schools. She volunteered in different activates and offered educative workshops in local schools.

In addition, both Cordova, Alaska and Ensenada, Baja California are designated sites of the Western Hemisphere Shorebirds Reserve Network (WHSRN).

The experience exchange was possible thanks to the financial support of the U.S Forest Service and the Copper River International Migratory Bird Initiative (CRIMBI).