Terra Peninsular Taking Part in Environmental Expo 2017

Expo Ambiente 2017


For the first time, Terra Peninsular took part in the IX edition of Expo Ambiente (Environmental Expo), an event organized by the Secretariat of Environment Protection in Baja California that is held every year in Ensenada with the goal of encouraging the preservation of the environment within children and teens and promoting the natural resources of Baja California.

With the slogan “In touch with nature” the event took place on September 27 of 2017 on CEARTE (state-run facility for arts in Ensenada), where more than 50 informative and interactive stands participated. This year, it was estimated that more than 4,000 students from elementary to high school attended the event.

Our interactive stand was divided in two parts: first, the attenders listened to a brief speech about the conservation activities that Terra Peninsular does in Baja California. After that, it was explained to them, with videos and illustrations, about the migratory birds; their characteristics and the representative species in Bahía de Todos Santos. We also explained that the bay was designated as a shorebird reserve by the WHSRN strategy.

On the second part, it was offered an interactive activity named “The migration game”, which has been used in different festivals worldwide to teach about the difficulties for bird during their migration.

This activity has the objective of informing about the birds that can be seen in Ensenada, create awareness of the importance of respecting the habitats of these species and promote friendly activities we can all do to protect them.

We would like thank the participation of the volunteers Cecilia Jiménez, Kassandra Beltrán, Paola Sánchez, Omar Ramírez and Sonia Camarena, for supporting us along this event.

Expo Ambiente


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