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The Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve is located in the Ejido Reforma Agraria Integral and has an area of 9 120 acres. It is considered a habitat of environmental relevance due to the high number of native, endemic and protected species, and is certified as a protected natural area in the category of Area Voluntarily Destined for Conservation (ADVC) by the Commission of Protected Natural Areas in Mexico.

This site is protected and managed by Terra Peninsular and it is located south of Ensenada, after San Quintín and before El Rosario, in Baja California.

In order to keep the natural resources in the area in good condition, the reserve is protected for conservation, research and environmental education.

It is a region recognized for being an intact habitat of Maritime Succulent Scrub (MSC), and is located on the southern boundary of the California Floristic Province, one of the 34 biodiversity worldwide hotspots due to the number of species of endemic flora and fauna.

At the site there are 239 species and subspecies of plants, which represent 75 percent of the species and subspecies of the region.

In addition, it is the only region in the world that protects the Maritime Succulent Scrub (MSC), which according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography in Mexico (INEGI) is defined as “Community characterized by species with rosette leaves. As well as cacti that develop on soils of diverse origins, under the influence of sea winds and mist, in the northwestern portion of the peninsula of Baja California.

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