The nature reserves protected by Terra Peninsular in Baja California are natural areas open to the public where visitors can enjoy of low impact recreational activities. Permit for visiting or camping in the nature reserves is not required and for the moment the admission is free.


It’s important that visitors understand that they can help taking care and respecting these natural areas, therefore, we ask to meet the following guidelines:

  • Pick up the trash and carry it with you in plastic bags
  • Avoid making campfires and if you do so please take the necessary precautions
  • Respect the plants and animals in the reserve
  • Do not remove plants
  • Do not feed wild animals
  • No hunting
  • No smoking allowed
  • Respect the signs
  • Enjoy recreational activities such as hiking, birdwatching, photography, karak, surf, etc.
  • Transit only on marked roads
  • Follow the indications given by the park rangers
  • If you visit any of the nature reserves we recommend you to register photos of flora and fauna using the app iNaturalist. Your observations you will help to share biodiversity information of Baja California, show evidence of species and support scientific research projects.


For research or collect purposes, all researches must comply with the following:

1.- Request a non-objection letter (authorization).

Complete the survey and email it to A few days later you will receive the non-objection letter via email.


2.- After your visit, please write an article about the project carried out in the nature reserves, this article will be published in the newsletter Mediterranews.

This article must comply the editorial requirements and include a justification of the project and the activities carried out during the visit.

Please send the article and photos to the Communications Coordinator, Antonieta Valenzuela, to For more information or questions, please write to the same address.

3.- Please follow the requirements for visitors and the indications given by the park rangers.