Volcanic Challenge in the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve

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This article was translated by Amairani Márquez y Manuel Eduardo Mendoza

On March 31, the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve hosted a volcanic challenge: the Reto Volcánico race, an event organized by Baja Brains. This nature reserve is owned by Terra Peninsular and is protected for only conservation purposes.

In the second edition of the race, more than 450 people registered and went across 3, 6 and 25 kilometer trails within the 830 hectares of the nature reserve.

“Punta Mazo Nature Reserve is a natural protected area with landscapes of wetlands, volcanic rock, and coastal dunes, which is why it offered a unique route to the runners,” explained Claudia Guzmán, Community Engagement Coordinator.

Foto Antonieta Valenzuela

She added that due to the importance of protecting the site, Terra Peninsular and Baja Brains invited the participants to enjoy the race in a responsible way and respecting the environment, so they promoted the use of hydration packs instead of plastic bottles to avoid generating waste.

For the relevance of the reserve, Claudia Guzmán said, “The reserve is a site of great importance for San Quintín, since it is home to more than 150 species of plants, mammals, reptiles, and birds; some of these species are endemic, and that is why its protection is a priority for Terra Peninsular.”

Since 2014, Punta Mazo Nature Reserve has been a certified site as an Area Voluntarily Destined for Conservation (ADVC in Spanish) by the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (Conanp in Spanish).

Foto Antonieta Valenzuela