July 7, 2016

Who we are

Terra Logo Large 2010

Terra Peninsular A.C. is a Mexican non-profit organization committed to preserve and protect the natural ecosystems and wildlife in Baja California, with staff in Ensenada and a binational Board. We’re not affiliated with any political or religious party.

Our environmental conservation work focuses in northwestern Mexico covering the states of Baja California, Baja California Sur , Sonora and Sinaloa, although our efforts are concentrated mainly in Baja California. The board of Terra Peninsular is composed of Mexicans and foreigners, and we are an inclusive organization that does not discriminate among its members by sex , sexual preference , race or nationality .

We believe that environmental issues have no borders.

In 2001, a group of friends founded the organization to conserve and protect the ecosystems and wildlife of the Baja California peninsula. Throughout these years, we have endeavored topreserve them and we will continue to fight to protect the unique beauty of this majestic region.
We truly believe “environmental issues have no borders”, and we use this belief as an open invitation to everyone who wants to contribute to our mission.

Earth knows no nationalities: the human spirit has made all of this possible. And all these natural treasures are yours, too.Visit these lands, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy them and to take care of them, and think of it as a global heritage for all of us.

Our logo was designed to represent a native plant of Baja California: Agave shawii. A succulent plant found only in the Pacific coast of Baja California which is a representative species of the maritime succulent scrub region, this vegetation type is found in the region.


In 2000 a housing development in San Quintín Bay was proposed. San Quintin Bay is an amazing pristine estuary of worldwide relevance, as well as a vital point for migratory birds during their routes throughout the Pacific Flyway.

The destruction caused by this proposed development would have displaced the fishing, aquaculture, farming and tourist communities that depend on the natural richness of the bay. Thankfully, the local community, scientists and nonprofit organizations (both national and international) used scientifically proven arguments to convince the Mexican federal government to cancel the construction of the housing development.

Even though stopping the development was a huge achievement, it became evident that there was a need for a strong, local organization that could lead the protection of San Quintín Bay for any future threats — an organization that could give economically sustainable options to land owners and local communities, and that could also guarantee the conservation of the unique natural resources of the bay.

That was how a year later a group of friends with experience in conservation and applied sciences founded Terra Peninsular with the goal of preserving the ecosystems and wildlife in the Baja California peninsula.

Terra Peninsular aims to provide sustainable economic alternatives, and at the same time protect the ecosystems in the peninsula of Baja California: from the wetlands in the coastal zone, to mountaint forestst, and the awesome desert ecosystems populated by a wide variety of cactus and succulents.