Workshop on Acoustic Monitoring of Bats

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By Jorge Andrade / Adaptive Management Coordinator of Terra Peninsular

On July 17 and 18, 2018, the workshop “Acoustic monitoring of bats in natural protected areas of Baja California” was attended by staff of natural protected areas, such as the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir National Park, different organizations like Terra Peninsular, as well as academics and students interested in the subject.

The course was taught by Aldo Guevera and Minerva Uribe. The main goal of the workshop was to provide to nature reserve managers and people interested in bats with the theoretical and practical tools for the monitoring of this taxonomic group, based on new technologies such as the use of ultrasonic detectors and the management of specialized programs for information analysis.

The first day consisted of theoretical training on the diversity of bats in the peninsula of Baja California, as well as technical training in the handling of organisms. The second day addressed the technical aspects of ultrasonic detection and species differentiation based on this criterion. To do this, a software specialized in analyzing acoustic signatures called Kaleidoscope Pro 5 from Wildlife Acoustics was used.

The workshop was fundamental in the continuous training of the participants and, more importantly, forged the basis for monitoring of bats in the peninsula, and especially in the natural areas where the participants are managers.