Conserving the natural beauty of the Peninsula of Baja California since 2001.

Terra Peninsular A.C. “environmental issues have no borders”

We are a Mexican non-profit and non-governmental organization that is not affiliated to any political or religious party, and that is formed by a bi-national Board. Since 2001, a group of friends undertook the compromise of conserving and protecting the natural ecosystems and the wildlife that are part of the Peninsula of Baja California. Until now, we have achieved to maintain them here and to keep fighting for the unique beauty of this majestic region. When we say that “environmental issues have no borders”, we believe it, and we send it as an open invitation for everyone. Earth knows no nationalities: this human spirit is the one that has made all of this possible. You should know that this tresures are also yours. Know these lands, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy them and to take care of them as the global patrimony that they represent for all of us.

Join our celebration!

Terra Peninsular will soon be 15 years old.

On April 20, 2016 Terra Peninsular will officially celebrate its 15th anniversary. Because of this reason, on April 20 of this year until 2016 Terra Peninsular will get prepared for the big day of self-analysis, reflections, reencounters and pre-celebrations. We plan to have a year full of events and surprises that connects us more with our people and that reminds us of the importance of our duty. Today, Terra Peninsular is a young organization, but at the same time it has acquired more experience. We feel satisfied and anxious for experiencing more and better successes. We are ready to keep on going and to open a new way to a future where people will be able to enjoy a majestic and full of life Bajacalifornian peninsula.

We protect the landscapes, we conserve nature and wildlife, and we sum wills to nurture and to promote the good use of natural resources.

“Terra Peninsular conserves and protects the natural ecosystems and wildlife of the Península of Baja California.”