10 Basic Birdwatching Tips

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By Jonathan Vargas and Claudia Guzmán

This article was translated by Oscar Gómez

1) Binoculars

Choose the one that fulfill your requirements. The most recommendable measures are 8×42, 10×42 or 10×50.

2) Bird field guides

Choose the guide that covers the region where you live or want to watch birds, preferably that includes distribution maps. Apps like Merlin and eBird will help you to identify birds.

3) Parts of a bird

It is important you know the parts of a bird, it will help you to understand the information in the bird field guides and to describe what you observe.

4) Clothing

Avoid bright colors and wear neutral colored clothing (gray, brown, dried green), use suitable footwear to walk on all types of terrain.

5) Be aware of time and weather conditions

You will have a better chance to watch birds in the morning. Birds are generally more active in the morning or at dusk.

6) Bird characteristics (size, shape, and color)

The more you learn about its characteristics, the easier it will be to know what you are observing.

7) Behavior

Some birds are easily to recognize by their behavior. You can ask yourself these questions: is the bird alone or in a group? Is it flying, walking, perching, or swimming? What is it eating?

8) Sounds

The songs of birds can help you to find and identify them.

9) Study the birds in your region

10) Go birding! Practice makes perfect

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