20 Years Protecting Baja California

Baja California
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20 years ago we made a promise: to protect Baja California’s ecosystems and wildlife. It’s a promise that we’ve kept and will never fail to fulfill.

Fundación Terra Peninsular 20 de abril de 2001
Fundación de Terra Peninsular A.C. el 20 de abril de 2001 en Ensenada, B.C.

What have we achieved together?

  • More than 24,000 acres of nature reserves certified by the federal government in the Sierra de San Pedro Martir, San Quintin and El Rosario.
  • Rediscovered the San Quintin kangaroo rat in 2018 together with The Nat.
  • More than 150 snowy plovers have been born on the beaches of Ensenada thanks to the efforts of the “The beach belongs to everyone” campaign.
  • 37 sites of archaeological value were found in the protected nature reserves.
  • We received the Partners in Flight Award for our work in migratory birds conservation.
Reserva Natural Punta Mazo.
Reserva Natural Punta Mazo en San Quintín. Foto por Alejandro Arias.

And where does this path take us?

  • We collaborated with the Government of Baja California to certify the San Quintin Nature Reserve.
  • The area of ​​the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve will soon increase by 7413 acres dedicated to the conservation of the San Quintin kangaroo rat.
  • In collaboration with different institutions, we participated in the creation of the San Pedro Martir Fund, which will contribute to the protection, conservation and management of the Sierra San Pedro Martir National Park.
  • We recently joined the Red OJA, which will allow us to connect with other organizations in the country and Latin America.
Certificado Reserva Natural San Quintín
Certificación de la Reserva Natural San Quintín. Foto por Roberto Chino.

 Let’s continue working together, with love for Baja California.