20th Anniversary T-shirts

Playeras 20 aniversario

With love for Baja California

For 20 years we have protected the natural beauty of Baja California, and all of our achievements have been thanks to the support of people like you. We still have a long way to go, and today we’d like to invite you to become a conservation hero and join our anniversary campaign.

Today we’re introducing the new limited edition 20th anniversary t-shirts!

With a suggested donation of $35 US dollars you will receive 1 of the few available t-shirts.

Double cause

When you purchase a t-shirt you help protect more than 130,00 acres of natural areas in Baja California, and at the same time promote fair trade.

To create these t-shirts we made an alliance with Someone Somewhere, a certified B company, so with your support you are also helping more than 150 Mexican artisans receive fair treatment and payment for their work.

100% cotton t-shirts and hand embroidered by Mexican artisans.

On the front there are representative species of the region, such as the osprey, dudleya, agave and coyote. And on the back is the 20th anniversary logo.

In addition, on the label of each t-shirt you will find the name of the Mexican artisan who made the embroidery and the place where it was made.

Playeras 20 aniversario

Photos by Roberto Chino.

Find this t-shirt at our office in Ensenada.