Beach Cleanup Results in San Quintin 2019

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By Ricardo Domínguez and Claudia Guzmán

As part of our activities as Waterkeeper Members, on September 21, 2019 we participated in the International Coastal Cleanup and we collected trash from different coastal areas of San Quintín, such as Punta Azufre, Monte Ceniza Nature Reserve, El Arco wetland and La Chorera beach.

At the end of the day, we collected over 770 pounds of trash along 2 miles of beach. Around 70 people participated, including the National Pedagogical University, La Chorera community and Ostrícola Chapala. It should be noted that plastic was the most abundant waste.

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This was carried out with the aim of identifying the waste present on the beaches of San Quintín and thus developing strategies for the protection and care of these ecosystems.

During this cleaning, the different types of waste (cigarette butts, plastic cans, cans, etc.) were separated and subsequently weighed.

The results obtained were sent to the Ocean Conservancy and this information will be added to the international report, which will be published at

Let’s remember that maintaining these healthy ecosystems will allow us to continue enjoying their wealth and above all, THEIR BEAUTY.

A special thanks to the donation of gloves and materials that Driscoll’s and Environment for the Americas (EFTA) made this year.

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