Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 3 minutos In addition to planning your trip it’s important to know how to camp without leaving a trace and that is what the second of the seven Leave No Trace principles is about. How to travel and camp without leaving a trace? Selecting an appropriate campsite is the most important aspect of a low-impact outing. AlwaysContinue reading “Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces”

Enjoy the Spring Without Leaving Trace

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 11 minutos By Mirna Borrego and Roberto Chino Around February and March it’s normal to see that on the outskirts of the cities the slopes are painted in colors with the flowering of a great variety of species. The awakening of the wildflowers of previous years left us with great memories of colorful landscapes, and aroused inContinue reading “Enjoy the Spring Without Leaving Trace”

Endangered Dudleyas

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 3 minutos By Mirna Borrego and Antonieta Valenzuela Did you know that some plants depend on the rich soil of the volcanic valley of San Quintin to survive? These are highly protected endemisms that you can only find in the nature reserves, and others belong exclusively to the San Quintin dunes. One of these plants is theContinue reading “Endangered Dudleyas”

Plan Ahead and Prepare

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 3 minutos Planning your trip and preparing is the first step to enjoying nature and outdoor activities responsibly. This is the first of the seven principles of Leave No Trace. And why is it important to plan and prepare? You enjoy the outing and the activity more, you avoid accidents, you guarantee your safety and that ofContinue reading “Plan Ahead and Prepare”

How To Prevent Forest Fires?

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 3 minutos Did you know that 9 out of 10 fires are caused by human activities? Learn how you can help prevent wildfires when you go camping or hiking in natural areas. Remember that in Baja California the fire season is between March and November, the most critical months are June, July, August and September. We liveContinue reading “How To Prevent Forest Fires?”