Why Are Trails Important?

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 5 minutos By Vitza Cabrera Roads or trails are the beginning of an adventure. They are the trace that marks the course that will take us from one place to another, allowing us to discover and giving us the possibility to reach new heights or enjoy new landscapes.  If we think about it, roads are part ofContinue reading “Why Are Trails Important?”

Responsible Tourism Meeting

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 2 minutos By Mirna Borrego and Vitza Cabrera Given the growing demand of visitors at the natural areas in San Quintin, together with the Secretariat of Sustainable Economy and Tourism we convened the first meeting for responsible tourism aimed at local and regional tourism service providers. The goal was to provide information on the importance of goodContinue reading “Responsible Tourism Meeting”

What is the Public Use Program?

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 4 minutos By Vitza Cabrera There is a great variety of productive and recreational activities in San Quintin. If we manage to understand, organize and plan them, each of these activities can develop in a harmonious way. Everyone can have access to the bay and enjoy it, as well as contribute to its protection.  For this reason,Continue reading “What is the Public Use Program?”

What We Achieved in 2020

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 15 minutos We’re very excited to share this list of everything we accomplished in 2020. Thank you for being part of this effort! None of this would have been possible without the support of  people like you. Contents Nature reserves San Quintin Mexicali Ensenada Sierra de San Pedro Martir Valle Tranquilo Virtual experiences Events Capacity building ThankContinue reading “What We Achieved in 2020”

We Installed a Fence To Protect the Snowy Plover

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 4 minutos By Antonieta Valenzuela To celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, this Monday, May 10, 2021, for the fourth consecutive year we installed the temporary fence on the beach in front of Pacifica at Ensenada Bay to protect the snowy plover. This fence will remain installed until August, which is when the breeding season ends.

Protection Agreement for San Quintin Bay

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 3 minutos By Lorena Velázquez and Antonieta Valenzuela Terra Peninsular and the group Los Volcanes Touristic Services signed an agreement that aims to preserve the habitat of birds that live and migrate to San Quintin Bay; particularly, the black brant, a goose that migrates every year from Alaska to winter in the bay.  Black brant hunting isContinue reading “Protection Agreement for San Quintin Bay”