Sixth San Quintin Bay Bird Festival

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 6 minutos The sixth edition of the San Quintin Bay Bird Festival was possible thanks to 200 people. This year we launched a virtual and in-person schedule to celebrate migratory shorebirds that come to the bay every year. More than 35,000 migratory shorebirds rest and feed in this natural sanctuary that we protect every day. The pillarsContinue reading “Sixth San Quintin Bay Bird Festival”

One Week as a Park Ranger

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 5 minutos By Charlotte Vizzuett The work of the park rangers is one of those tasks that we imagine as a constant walk through trails with spectacular views in paradisiacal places. Although part of their activities are carried out in natural areas that they help protect, there is also the other part of the work, the oneContinue reading “One Week as a Park Ranger”

What is the Public Use Program?

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 4 minutos By Vitza Cabrera There is a great variety of productive and recreational activities in San Quintin. If we manage to understand, organize and plan them, each of these activities can develop in a harmonious way. Everyone can have access to the bay and enjoy it, as well as contribute to its protection.  For this reason,Continue reading “What is the Public Use Program?”

Protection Agreement for San Quintin Bay

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 3 minutos By Lorena Velázquez and Antonieta Valenzuela Terra Peninsular and the group Los Volcanes Touristic Services signed an agreement that aims to preserve the habitat of birds that live and migrate to San Quintin Bay; particularly, the black brant, a goose that migrates every year from Alaska to winter in the bay.  Black brant hunting isContinue reading “Protection Agreement for San Quintin Bay”

The Integral Tie Between Community and Conservation

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 7 minutos By Emily Tanner In Mexico, there exist conservation programs of varying formats including government mandated Protected Areas (PA), Areas Voluntary Devoted to Conservation (ADVC) and areas under Payment for Environmental Services (PES) [1]. Each format requires the involvement of community, be it local, national, or global. 

Airboats and Their Use in Conservation Actions

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 7 minutos By Vitza Cabrera, Ricardo Domínguez and Sean Meade Photos by Sean Meade This article appears in the issue no. 19 (July 2020) of Mediterranews magazine At the beginning of the 1900’s the airboat was invented, although it is unclear where and how it all started, it is true that the first ones were completely differentContinue reading “Airboats and Their Use in Conservation Actions”