Combining Biology and Photography

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 7 minutos By Carolina Mildred Rivera Almost at the end of my university life, one of my dreams came true. For a long time,  I have dreamed of traveling to little-known places to explore and marvel at nature, and at the same time, to show others what my eyes observed, just like in the nature and wildlifeContinue reading “Combining Biology and Photography”

Enjoy the Spring Without Leaving Trace

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 11 minutos By Mirna Borrego and Roberto Chino Around February and March it’s normal to see that on the outskirts of the cities the slopes are painted in colors with the flowering of a great variety of species. The awakening of the wildflowers of previous years left us with great memories of colorful landscapes, and aroused inContinue reading “Enjoy the Spring Without Leaving Trace”

Endangered Dudleyas

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 3 minutos By Mirna Borrego and Antonieta Valenzuela Did you know that some plants depend on the rich soil of the volcanic valley of San Quintin to survive? These are highly protected endemisms that you can only find in the nature reserves, and others belong exclusively to the San Quintin dunes. One of these plants is theContinue reading “Endangered Dudleyas”

Making a Change From Home​​:​ Native Gardens​

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 4 minutos By Karla González | Editing by Marcela Danemann In the middle of this year 2021, the United Nations Organization (UN) provided the report on climate change and the irreversible effects that are already occurring. This is already a fact and not at all favorable. Long ago, the idea of ecosystem restoration stuck in my mindContinue reading “Making a Change From Home​​:​ Native Gardens​”

An Approach to Ensenada Native Bees

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 5 minutos Did you know that there are approximately 500 species of bees in Ensenada? By Diego de Pedro  Ensenada has a high richness bee diversity. This is because it is placed in the California Floristic Province, one of the most bee diverse regions in the world. Unlike honey bees (Apis mellifera), which are originally from EuropeContinue reading “An Approach to Ensenada Native Bees”

The Migratory Shorebird Project

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 9 minutos By Eduardo Palacios and Lucía Alfaro For the past 10 years, shorebirds and their habitats have been monitored in northwestern Mexico through the Migratory Shorebird Project.  Monitoring is a critical component of any conservation project as it allows us to measure changes in the number and status of waterfowl at each site, the habitat status,Continue reading “The Migratory Shorebird Project”

In Search of Bumblebees With Hands, Feet and Computers

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 8 minutos By Eulogio López Reyes and Fadia Sara Ceccarelli After returning from a long stay on an island where I worked as a field biologist, I was pleasantly surprised to find many women friends of the family at my house, among them, a little girl. Immediately, I started to tell them about my adventures on theContinue reading “In Search of Bumblebees With Hands, Feet and Computers”

How to Improve Your Garden with California Native Plants?

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 8 minutos Article and photos by Dorabel Esparza How often do you stop and smell the flowers? How often do you stop and notice the insects on the plants that you are smelling? Did you know that spending more time with nature could create and foster curiosity?

We Installed a Fence To Protect the Snowy Plover

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 4 minutos By Antonieta Valenzuela To celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, this Monday, May 10, 2021, for the fourth consecutive year we installed the temporary fence on the beach in front of Pacifica at Ensenada Bay to protect the snowy plover. This fence will remain installed until August, which is when the breeding season ends.

Protection Agreement for San Quintin Bay

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 3 minutos By Lorena Velázquez and Antonieta Valenzuela Terra Peninsular and the group Los Volcanes Touristic Services signed an agreement that aims to preserve the habitat of birds that live and migrate to San Quintin Bay; particularly, the black brant, a goose that migrates every year from Alaska to winter in the bay.  Black brant hunting isContinue reading “Protection Agreement for San Quintin Bay”