Cesar: Ten Years a Sentinel

Cesar Guerrero, our Executive Director of 10 years, is transitioning out of his position, but not without leaving an incredible legacy of accomplishments. His success has been recognized by the international conservation community and we are eternally grateful.

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  • It will sustain Cesar’s legacy by allowing us to continue the land protection, management and community engagement he helped to grow.
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  • Keep our team whole so we remain a strong organization.

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This fundraising campaign ended on January 6, 2023. If you value our work you can still help us with a donation.

Top Terra Peninsular accomplishments under Cesar’s leadership in the last 10 years

Land acquisition

Cesar led the way to successfully secure land titles for over 12,000 acres, including more than 60 miles of shorelines at our reserves.

Punta Mazo Nature Reserve before and after.

San Quintin kangaroo rat

Thanks to the protection of the reserves, the kangaroo rat was rediscovered and has created opportunities for scientific monitoring.

The kangaroo rat was found in the nature reserves.

Bird Festival

Cesar launched the Bird Festival in 2015, a community engagement event that has grown over the years and united locals and visitors to support land conservation for the continued and improved protection of birds and their habitat.

The Bird Festival in 2015 and 2019.

Sierra of San Pedro Martir

The partnerships between our non-profit and the community and government of the Sierra of San Pedro Martir were strengthened under Cesar’s tenure creating incredible learning opportunities for the brigades and park rangers.

Learning opportunities for the brigades and park rangers.


Under Cesar’s leadership, our staff has grown and we have increased capacity building opportunities showing how valuable each member is in the development and strengthening of our mission.

Staff members.

Your support is what makes all these accomplishments possible. Let’s continue working together, with love for the Baja California peninsula!

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