Community Engagement Webinars With Focus on Disturbance

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 2 minutos

By Claudia Guzmán and Antonieta Valenzuela

Throughout June, a series of free webinars were given to build community support for shorebird conservation and to address immediate human disturbance issues at Bahia Todos Santos, in Ensenada, Mexico.

Given by Laura Chamberlin, Assistant Director for North America from the WHSRN Executive Office, the four webinars were aimed at authorities, ONGs representatives, students and staff members.

The topics discussed were: changing behavior with temporary fencing and education, using citizen science and stewardship to build support, designing a strategy based on audience segmentation for dog owners, and evaluating community engagement activities. At the end, all participants identified the main beach users and determined an action plan with different intervention stages.

A good governance workshop is planned to take place in October to ensure continuity and strengthen the participation of key actors.

This training was possible thanks to the support of Manomet, and it seeks to strengthen the project “La playa es de todos”, which is promoted by Terra Peninsular together with local and international organizations, local authorities and companies.