Conservation Department

This department is responsible for the  implementation of the three pillars of the conservation strategy: protection and habitat management, adaptive habitat management, and community engagement and social participation.

Verónica Meza

Land Protection Coordinator

“Working at Terra Peninsular has been an enriching experience on the professional and personal levels, since it is an organization that promotes the sustainable use of natural resources and community engagement in nature conservation actions.”

Claudia Guzmán

Community Engagement Coordinator

“The values Terra promotes, the creative freedom to develop ideas and projects, the connection with other people, the exchange of experiences, the opportunity to create innovative solutions as a team, to be able to add value to the life of the communities and contribute to the conservation of Baja California”.

Mirna Borrego

Mirna Borrego

Education and Community Outreach Officer

“Working in the field, seeing and enjoying with my own eyes the natural resources for which we fight, motivates me to grow, to seek to be a better person and professional to support the cause.”

Héctor Sánchez

Valle Tranquilo and San Quintin Field and Operations Officer

“I am from El Rosario Baja California, a town south of the Ensenada municipality. I grew up surrounded by nature, working with my father, a fisherman diver on the Pacific coast part of the summer and during the winter working with cattle in the mountains of El Rosario ”.

Ricardo Domínguez

Marine Projects Officer

“What I like the most about working at Terra is the teamwork within the staff and the way in which everyone gets involved to reach the same goal, which is to preserve the beautiful landscapes of Baja California.”

Mariana Espinosa

Sierra San Pedro Martir Project Officer

“I like being able to explore, visit and work on different Protected  Areas; meet people, communities and organizations dedicated to conservation. To have the opportunity to contribute to the conservation of my favorite place in Baja California, the Sierra San Pedro Martir.”

Vitza Cabrera

Tourism Projects Officer

“Working in Terra Peninsular allows me to support the conservation of a natural space of vital importance for the planet, concentrate my efforts and knowledge for the conservation of vital areas, make this space accessible to all people and participate in promoting wonder and enjoyment of these places.”

Nidia Hirata

Nidia Hirata

Legal Officer

“Working in Terra Peninsular has been an experience in which day by day I learn and promote that society must get involved and understand that even the smallest stone it’s worth preserving, working together with the staff so that the people can be involved in some way with the natural reserves know and contribute in some way to conservation and use natural resources with more awareness.”

Park rangers in San Quintin

  • David Alonso
  • Juan Delgado
  • Gustavo Avelar
  • Jesús Félix
  • Uriel Lozano
  • Luis Manuel Félix