Finance and Administration Department

This department is responsible for the proper distribution and management of financial resources, control of assets and human resources.

Mercedes Vega

Mercedes Vega

Administration and Finance Leader

“The most gratifying thing is knowing that my skills in the financial-accounting area support and complement the great work carried out by other areas such as biology and oceanology in the world of conservation.”

Karen Sandoval

Administration and Human Resources Coordinator

“My professional and personal knowledge has grown thanks to the work we do at Terra Peninsular, I have been able to broaden my vision and I have been more aware that we are all important for conservation.”

Stephany Rodarte

Administrative Assistant

Natali Barboza

Administrative Assistant

“The thing that motivates me to always give my best is that, no matter what department you work in, we all always directly or indirectly support the same cause.”

Lorena Velázquez

San Quintin Administrative Officer

“Being in direct contact with nature, in addition to generating content to raise awareness in the population, to transmit that message, this is my contribution to the conservation of the place where I live.”