First Field Trip With the New Staff Members

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By Antonieta Valenzuela

On mid-December, the first field trip with the two new staff members of the Department of Conservation was carried out.

The objective consisted in going on a trip to the protected areas of San Quintín Bay and Valle Tranquilo so the new members could get to know these areas, as well as analyze each place’s problems.

The first day they went towards the south of Ensenada and traveled to the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve, located in San Quintín Bay. The task consisted in looking for strategic sites to place photo traps, which would be used to analyze the concurrence of the paths on this place and their impact. Later, they continued the tour towards La Ola interpretative station, located within the reserve and at the south end of the Punta Mazo sand bar.

Later in the day, the team traveled to Mirador Valle Volcánico station, where the majority of extinct volcanoes in the zone can be appreciated. There, Gaby and Jorge met the second interpretative station built in 2015.

In Monte Cenizo (also located inside the San Quintin Bay) they toured a zone of a future project that includes the construction of a biological station for researchers.

The next day, they traveled to the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve, where they inspected the zone and worked on ideas for site management. The team shared that little human impact can be perceived on that zone, even though a solution has to come in regards to illegal hunting. One of the projects consists in installing cameras to monitor paths and continuing the strategies to guarantee the protection of the area.

The new members of the Conservation team participated in this trip: Gabriela Valle Ramírez de Arellano, Adaptive Habitat Management Coordinator and Jorge Andrade Sánchez, Community Engagement Coordinator; both of them accompanied by Cesar Guerrero, Executive Director of Terra Peninsular, altogether with Field and Operations Officer in San Quintin, Enrique Alfaro.