Flying home

Migratory birds have no borders

Baja California is essential for the survival of thousands of birds, it’s a resting and nesting site for many species, as it is part of the Pacific Flyway, a route along the Pacific coast used by migratory birds that travel each fall to the San Quintin Bay.

You can help them get home!

What will your donation help make possible?

  • You will protect the home of more than 35,000 migratory birds that annually travel to San Quintin Bay.
  • You will support the conservation of more than 9,000 acres of natural areas that are part of the Pacific Migration Route.
  • You will contribute to the continuity of the monitoring of migratory birds that has been carried out since 1949.

Your support is what makes all these achievements possible, let’s continue working together, with love for Baja California

How can you help?

Join us and make a gift between December 1st and 31st! Your donation will help us continue our conservation work.

  • The black brants fly 2,800 miles nonstop each fall from Alaska to San Quintin Bay. Did you know that migratory birds can fly at a speed of 240 kilometers per hour?
  • Since 2015 we have celebrated the San Quintin Bird Festival to strengthen the connection between the  local communities with the natural space they share with the migratory birds.
  • Every winter 27% of the world population of snowy plover inhabits the bay. This bird species nests between April and August on the sandy beaches of the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve.
  • In 2021 we signed an agreement with a touristic company to preserve the habitat of birds that live and migrate to the bay.
  • Birds have a safe place to rest, feed and nest in the certified nature reserves in San Quintin.

We received the Group Stewardship Award, which honors an individual or group that contributes significantly to the management, conservation, or restoration of landbird habitat or species, as well as our community engagement approach and the design of the San Quintín Bay Bird Festival.

Tu donativo nos ayudará a seguir conservando la belleza natural de Baja California.

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