Forest Fighters

Forest fighters 2021

The forest fighters are the members of the brigades, firefighters and park rangers that participate in the fight of wildfires in Baja California.

Wildfire Risk in Baja California

During 2020, 141 wildfires were registered in Baja California, affecting more than 79,000 hectares and 7,717 days per person were dedicated to fighting the wildfires in the state.

85% of the fires registered in Mexico have been caused by human activities.

The characteristics of the forest landscapes of Baja California make them very susceptible to fire, since we live in a semi-arid area with grasslands, which increases the chances of a fire spreading.

San Pedro Mártir Hotshots

What Will Your Donation Help Make Possible?

  • Strengthening and training in fire prevention and fighting techniques for all the brigades members
  • Tools and equipment for the Forest Combatant brigades
  • Personal protective equipment for wildfire fighting

Our goal is to raise funds to train and equip park rangers, firefighters and forest firefighters from San Quintin and the Sierra San Pedro Martir.

This fire season you can make a difference. Be part of this movement and make your gift before September 30, 2021.

How Can You Help?

Every year Forest Fighters put their lives at risk to protect our forests, natural areas and homes. With your support we can help them to carry out their activities with greater security and confidence.

In collaboration with Driscoll’s and San Pedro Martir Hotshots we have been able to deliver equipment and uniforms for the Forest Combatants, with your participation we can multiply the impact of this donation.


With a $50 USD donation, you’ll support the Forest Combatants to have the equipment and tools they need to carry out their activities in the most secure way possible.


With a $150 USD donation, you’ll support Forest Combatants to participate in training courses to strengthen their skills and abilities.

Combatientes forestales


With a $250 USD, you’ll help the Forest Combatants have uniforms and safety equipment.

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At Terra Peninsular we work to preserve the natural beauty of the Baja California peninsula. For 20 years we have protected wildlife habitats to guarantee their long term existence for the enjoyment of current and future generations.

Since 2015  we have been part of the Advisory Council of the Sierra San Pedro Mártir National Park and in collaboration with the  Sierra San Pedro Martir Hotshots we seek to strengthen the fire fighting brigades in Baja California.

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