Forestry Culture Workshop

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By Jorge Andrade and Antonieta Valenzuela

With the intention of providing new tools and strategies, the National Network of Forestry Culture Promoters Workshop was held in Ensenada from April 12 to 14, 2016 to promote forestry culture.

The Network of Forestry Culture Promoters is an initiative of the Forestry Culture Department of the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR for its acronym in Spanish) that aims to “systematize the promotional processes at a national level” through planned actions, as well as joining efforts to improve conservation and sustainable use practices.

Terra Peninsular was one of the participants in the workshop, as well as other civil societies, government and educational institutions of Ensenada. This workshop was given by the biologist José Luis Castañeda.

During the workshop, the participants acquired the tools to develop forestry culture outreach activities, to conduct workshops and to use environmental education methodologies.

It’s worth to mention that a forest ecosystem includes not only forests but also jungles, mangroves and arid areas, as well as animals, microorganisms, soil, water, climate and the interactions that exist between each other.

What is forestry culture? “Forestry culture seeks to build a new way of thinking about nature and interacting with the environment through awareness raising. This aims to have a significant change in the attitudes, behaviors and values of the population that results in the sustainable use of forest resources. “

Participating at the National Network of Forestry Culture Promoters Workshop will serve as an important tool for the Awareness and Social Participation program at Terra Peninsular to promote forestry culture in Baja California (that includes arid areas, forests and the Maritime Succulent Scrub Region) and also to inform about the use of forest resources through courses, workshops and events.