Videos to Celebrate Global Big Day 2020

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Global Big Day is an initiative created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in 2015 to promove bird conservation and generate information about the status of bird populations.

The Global Big Day took place on May 9, and to join this event today on May 15 we launched a series of videos about birds on Facebook and YouTube.

This virtual event was possible thanks to the support of Manomet, Coastal Solutions Fellows Program and the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN).

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La magia de no nombrar

A reflection to learn about birds using all your senses by Paula Pijoan from Respira Bosque.

Dibujando un ave en común

Learn how to draw a house sparrow with the guidance of the Club de Ilustración Naturalista Las Cactáceas.

Observación de aves desde casa

Learn about birdwatching from your home with Jonathan Vargas, member of the Coastal Solutions Fellows Program.