We’re a Mexican nonprofit organization committed to the conservation and protection of the wildlife and natural ecosystems of Baja California

With your support we have protected over 130,000 acres of natural areas in Baja California

Work areas

We have a presence in northwestern Mexico and our conservation efforts are concentrated in the western coast of ​​Baja California, mainly in Ensenada, Sierra San Pedro Martir, San Quintin and El Rosario


Complejo Sudoeste

The nature reserves we protect are home to endangered plants and animals

2do Festival de las Aves Bahía de Todos Santos

We organize the San Quintin Bird Festival to raise awareness on bird conservation

The San Quintin kangaroo rat was rediscovered and now has a safe habitat

Partners in Flight

We received the Group Partners in Flight Stewardship award in recognition of our bird conservation efforts

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Your donation helps protect the endangered habitats and wildlife in Baja California

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