My house is your house

Today more than ever it is clear that breaking the delicate balance between nature and humanity has devastating consequences

With the campaign My house is your house we want to invite you to learn about the monitoring activities we do in the home of these species and share this wildlife space with you.

You can help us to continue carrying out monitoring activities that allows us to better understand the inhabitants of our nature reserves, from deer, pumas and bighorn sheep, to quail and roadrunners.


All donations will be doubled until December 31st

Your support is what makes all these achievements possible, let’s continue working together, with love for Baja California

Reserva Natural Valle Tranquilo-rata canguro

We rediscovered the San Quintin kangaroo rat and it is now safe in nature reserves.

Reserva Natural Valle Tranquilo-coyote

Due to their diverse diet, coyotes play a fundamental role in the food chain, facilitating the natural control of epidemiological risks in their habitats.

Reserva Natural Valle Tranquilo-venados

Deer are a key species for the distribution of seeds of the plants on which they feed.

Reserva Natural Valle Tranquilo-puma

The presence of large mammals, such as pumas, is an indicator of the health of the habitat.

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