Our Team

Our team of dedicated professionals is composed of board members, staff members, volunteers and researchers.

Fernando Gavito
Executive Director

“Taking the Executive Direction position is a big commitment. I’m excited to share my experience successfully managing protected areas and creating conservation alliances.”

Mercedes Vega
Administration and Finance Leader

Administration and Finance

“The most gratifying thing is knowing that my skills in the financial-accounting area support and complement the great work carried out by other areas, such as biology and oceanology in the world of conservation.”

Karen Sandoval
Administration and Human Resources Coordinator

Administration and Finance

“Thanks to the work we do, my professional and personal knowledge has grown. I have been able to broaden my view, and now I’m more aware that we’re all important to achieve conservation goals.”

Stephany Rodarte
Administrative Assistant

Administration and Finance

“We can help raise awareness and conserve, no matter in which department we work, our contribution is important. I have learned to value, respect and care for each species and each unique place of my beautiful planet.”

Natali Barboza
Administrative Assistant

Administration and Finance

“The thing that motivates me to always give my best is that, no matter what department you work in, we all always directly or indirectly support the same cause.”

Mirna Borrego
Education and Community Outreach Officer


“Working in the field, seeing and enjoying with my own eyes the natural resources for which we fight, motivates me to grow, to seek to be a better person and professional to support the cause.”

Héctor Sánchez

Biological Monitoring and Habitat Restoration Coordinator


“I grew up surrounded by nature, working with my father, a fisherman diver on the Pacific coast part of the summer and during the winter working with cattle in the mountains of El Rosario.”

Nidia Hirata

Legal Officer


“Every day I learn and promote that society must get involved and understand that even the smallest stone it’s worth preserving. I like working together with the staff so that the people can contribute in some way to conservation and use natural resources consciously.”

Saruhén Ávila

Sierra San Pedro Martir Projects Officer


“Knowing that we’re not alone in the protection of natural resources energizes me every day. Goals can be achieved if there is constancy, discipline, congruence and collective work for the greater good.”

Lorena Velázquez

Community Engagement Coordinator


“Being in direct contact with nature, in addition to generating content to raise awareness in the population, to transmit that message, this is my contribution to the conservation of the place where I live.”

David Alonso

Park Ranger Officer


Members of the park ranger squad:

  • Guillermo Maldonado
  • Martín Rodríguez
  • Fernando Ismael Tovar
Jesús Félix

Park Ranger Officer


Members of the park ranger squad:

  • Luis Manuel Félix
  • José Luis Betancourt
  • Felipe Maldonado
Antonieta Valenzuela

Communication and Public Relations Coordinator

Development and Communication

“I’m very proud of working at an organizaton that protects Baja California. Everything we do is the result of teamwork, each one of us contributes with knowledge and experience.”

Daniela Piedras

Report Writing Officer

Development and Communication

“Although I don’t work directly in the field, it’s essential to have good communication, delivery of timely and transparent results, as well as a good relationship with our donors, who put all their trust in our projects.”

Roberto Chino

Social Media Officer

Development and Communication

“It’s very gratifying to work with a team of people with such different professional backgrounds, because that way we have different visions to enhance the work we do.”

Sofía Garduño

Assistant to the Executive Director

Executive Direction

“Being part of a nonprofit means working with people with a strong sense of humanity, this means we seek the common good for all and taking care of something, in our case, taking care of nature.”

Katerina Snew

Individual Giving Coordinator

Development and Communication

“I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of this organization that continually teaches, inspires and makes positive changes within these pristine lands of Baja California.”

Daniela Arellano

Graphic Designer

Development and Communication

“Combining the creative field, such as graphic design together with a team of different professions, we can educate and connect with people in a more empathetic, fast and simple way to protect the ecosystems and wildlife of Baja California.”

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