Our team

We have a multidisciplinary team composed by board members, staff, volunteers and researchers.


  • President, Alan Harper
  • Vicepresident, Dan Silver
  • Treasurer, Marco Isaac Navarro Steck
  • Secretary, Horacio de la Cueva
  • Executive and Conservation Committee, Eduardo Palacios
  • Executive and Development Committee, Rosario Álvarez
  • Executive and Conservation Committee, Bart O’Brien
  • Development Committee, Rosi Bustamante
  • Advisor, Sergio Hirales


At the organization, we have three departments that work together to achieve our goals:

  • Administration and Finances Department
  • Conservation Department
  • Development and Communications Department

Executive Director

  • César Guerrero

Administration and Finances Department

  • Administration and Finances Leader, Mercedes Vega
  • Administration and Human Resources Coordinator, Karen Sandoval
  • Administrative Assistant, Stephany Rodarte
  • Administrative Assistant, Natali Barboza
  • Cleaning Manager, Juventina Palmas

Conservation Department

  • Conservation Leader, Pamela Castro
  • Land Protection Coordinator, Verónica Meza
  • Community Engagement Coordinator, Claudia Guzmán
  • Education and Community Outreach Officer, Mirna Borrego
  • Valle Tranquilo Field and Operations Officer, Héctor Sánchez
  • Marine Projects Officer , Ricardo Domínguez
  • Tourist Projects Officer, Vitza Cabrera

Development and Communications Department

  • Communications and Public Relations Coordinator, Antonieta Valenzuela
  • Graphic Designer, Laura Tamayo
  • Social Media Community Manager, Bryan Gerardo
  • Foundation Liaison Coordinator, Marianna Gámez
  • Grant Writing Officer, Sofía Garduño
  • Report Writing Officer, Daniela Piedras
  • Individual Giving Coordinator, Charlotte Vizzuett


  • Sula Vanderplank
  • Keith Lombardo