Sentinels of Baja California

Centinelas de Baja California

The magic of the peninsula lies in its extravagant nature, this space of contrasts between dunes and sea, desert and snowy forest. 

The sentinels of Baja California are all the people who love this peninsula and treasure the memory of the first sunset, the first view of the sea or the first walk through its ancestral paths.

We love Baja California as much as you do.

 Join us today and become a sentinel!

Baja California today

Baja California is a place that concentrates great biodiversity, it is the only region with a Mediterranean climate in Mexico, it provides resting and feeding sites for thousands of migratory shorebirds, as well as habitats for endangered species.

However, climate change and unplanned urban growth is causing the destruction of habitats that are home to unique plants and animals. Right now, protecting these natural areas is a priority for nature and humanity.

What Will Your Donation Help Make Possible?

  • Protect over 130,000 acres of natural ecosystems of Baja California, from the snowy Sierra San Pedro Martir through sunny San Quintin Bay, as well as wetlands, extinct volcanoes and coastal lagoons.
  • Protect endangered wildlife, like the San Quintin kangaroo rat, pumas and badgers.
  • Conserve the populations of migratory shorebirds.
  • Safeguard the archaeological and geological heritage of the nature reserves.

How can you help?

Through monthly contributions, they join this effort to protect the natural spaces that make this corner of the Earth unique.


Donate $20 for monitoring activities with camera traps that allows us to better understand endangered animals of the nature reserves.

Clean waves

Donate $50 to support the clean water and ecosystem monitoring programme.

Flying home

Donate $100 to help preserve the winter home of more than 35,000 migratory shorebirds.

Keep Baja Wild

Donate $150 to support protection activities at the nature reserves: Monte Ceniza, Punta Mazo and Valle Tranquilo.

Reserva Natural Punta Mazo

Land Protection

We identify priority sites of great natural importance and apply the most appropriate management models to guarantee the long-term conservation of these natural areas.

Adaptive Management

We carry out conservation activities such as biological monitoring, surveillance programs, attention to visitors in nature reserves, infrastructure and habitat restoration actions.

Community engagement

We promote the active participation of local communities and the population at large in conservation activities.

Protecting Baja California, Together

Your donation will help us continue preserving the natural beauty of Baja California.

In recent years we have witnessed the extinction of species, destroyed areas, exploitation of resources, polluted beaches and oceans all over the world.

It is time to act here and now, let’s protect Baja California together.

Contact us

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