Participatory Strategic Planning Workshop at La Chorera

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By Jorge Andrade and Antonieta Valenzuela


With the purpose of ​​approaching the community to get to know their needs, create a working alliance and encourage reflection, analysis and application of solutions to socio-environmental issues, a Participatory Strategic Planning Workshop was held in La Chorera, San Quintín.

As part of the objectives of the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) in environmental education training in the San Quintín lagoon complex, Terra Peninsular and Pro Esteros A.C. teamed up to offer the workshop, which is also part of the strategies for environmental conservation of both associations.

Strategic Planning Workshop at La Chorera2016 Terra Peninsular

Aimed at the residents of La Chorera, who were asked to participate through an open invitation, the Participatory Strategic Planning Workshop was divided into two parts, two sessions each, and was held at the “Jaime Torres Bodet” elementary school.

It’s important to mention that the basis of the workshops was the dialogue of knowledge, which is a position of recognition of local knowledge; this allowed the exchange of knowledge among all the participants involved.

Strategic Planning Workshop at La Chorera2016 Terra Peninsular

Through participatory exercises, participants acquired the tools to face their current problems using strategic planning, especially their waste issue and other environmental problems. Besides identifying the problems, they also learned to find the means and resources to solve them.

Other objectives included encouraging the development of thinking skills to make logical frameworks; exposing local problems and establishing hierarchies; analyzing the core issues, their consequences and visualizing the ideal setting; and finally, creating awareness regarding the waste problem and taking care of the environment.

Strategic Planning Workshop at La Chorera2016 Terra Peninsular

Given the good response, enthusiasm and interest of the participants to address the environmental issues in their surroundings, there is the possibility of replicating this workshop in the Chapala community, also in San Quintín Bay.

It’s also worth highlighting that the results accomplished in the Strategic Planning Workshop will be continued, since efforts will be made at La Chorera with different projects yet to be defined related to the waste problem, waste management and recycling.

Gabriel Camacho, coordinator of Community Strengthening at Pro Esteros A.C. along with Cecilia Jiménez and Jorge Andrade of Terra Peninsular, both from the Social Awareness and Participation program, were in charge of conducting the workshop.

Strategic Planning Workshop at La Chorera2016 Terra Peninsular