Welcome to the New Interns

Buenas prácticas al aire libre
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By Claudia Guzmán

Last month we launched a call in Mexico for our first internship program 2021 Creativity and Resilience Laboratory. And today we’re excited to announce and welcome our new interns, who will work on different projects between July and December.

Brenda Marisol Nuñez Bonilla


Internship: waste management

Dzoara Elizabeth Rubio López


Internship: environmental ethics and outdoor activities

María Ramírez Rodríguez


Internship: marine conservation projects

  • Brenda Marisol is an Environmental Engineer from San Luis Potosi and she’s 25 years old. As part of the waste management project, she will create and execute a separation and recycling program for the Punta Mazo and Monte Ceniza nature reserves in San Quintin and for the Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park.
  • Dzoara Elizabeth is from Ensenada, she’s 35 years old and has a Master’s Degree in Integral Environmental Management. As part of the internship, she will promote environmental ethics through talks, seminars, workshops and nature tours, as well as carrying out visitor monitoring activities and characterization of recreational and productive uses.
  • María holds a Master’s Degree in Management of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems, she’s from Veracruz and she’s 29 years old. During the internship she will carry out different activities, such as characterization of fishing and aquaculture activities, develop workshops on good fishing and aquaculture practices with local communities, and biological monitoring in San Quintin.

Congratulations and welcome to the team!