What We Achieved in 15 Years

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In 2016, Terra Peninsular celebrated 15 years of working on environmental conservation in Baja California.

1. The National Comission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) recognized 1,820.62 acres of Rancho La Concepción as an Area Voluntarily Destined for Conservation (ADVC).

2. Protection of 29,739.47 acres of maritime succulent scrub.

3. The 9,131.03 acres of the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve are recognized as an ADVC by CONANP.

4. The San Quintín Coalition was formed in 2010 along with ProEsteros, Pronatura and The Nature Conservancy.


5. The San Quintín Coalition promoted the protection of 297,803.99 acres of the San Quintín Lagoon Complex as a Natural Protected Area.


6. Thanks to the efforts of the San Quintín Coalition, 13,437.59 acres of San Quintín Bay are recognized as a Ramsar site, a wetland of international importance.


7. Protection of 3,884.62 acres of coastal wetlands and sandy beaches at the San Quintín Lagoon Complex.

8. We’re currently promoting the protection of 1,422,126.90 acres in Sierra de Juárez as a Forest Reserve.

9. By a conservation agreement with Ejido Laguna Hanson and Rancho Rodeo del Rey, 4,504.73 acres in Sierra de Juárez are protected.


10. The first ten California condors (Gymnogyps californianus) were reintroduced in Baja California with the collaboration of the Center of Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (CICESE) and the San Diego Zoo.

11. 45 awareness and community engagement events, including exhibitions, workshops and conferences.


12. Protection of 4,498.85 acres of the San Quintín Volcanic Valley Nature Reserve.


13. The National Comission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) recognized the 2,034.81 acres of the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve as an Area Voluntarily Destined for Conservation (ADVC).


14. Monitoring for five consecutive years the main species of shorebirds, waterbirds and migratory birds at San Quintín Bay, mainly black brants, snowy plovers, herons, terns and skimmers.


15.- Along with the communities of San Quintín Bay, we built 2 interpretative stations, collected 30 tons of trash, managed one Temporary Employment Program, we hosted the First Annual Bird Festival, and the first Environmental Monitoring Committee was conformed.