What We Achieved in 2015

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Terra Peninsular currently manages and protects the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve, the wetlands and Monte Ceniza in the San Quintín Bay, and the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve. We want to share what we achieved in 2015, as well as some of the projects we’re still working on:

  • We presented the Pescador de Momentos photo exhibit by José “El Güero” Arce, in Loreto, La Paz and Guerrero Negro to promote the magically beautiful landscapes of Baja California.

Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve

  • In mid-November five Bighorn Sheep were seen at Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve for the first time. The presence of this flagship species at risk of extinction indicates that the reserve is working!

Punta Mazo Nature Reserve and San Quintín Bay

  • In June, 30 tons of trash were collected in the wetlands of San Quintín Bay, where we also conduct bird and marine pasture monitoring.
  • For public awareness, in September we began a Temporary Employment Program together with Secretary of Natural Resources (SEMARNAT).
  • Two interpretative stations were built, they work to provide information about the area for visitors. The first is the Wave and is located within the Punta Mazo Nature Reserve, and the second is called Mirador Valle Volcanic and to appreciate the most volcanoes.
  • We promoted bird watching with the first Bird Festival in San Quintín Bay, and our goal is to make it an annual Terra Peninsular event. We will also be working together with the communities of La Chorera and Chapala, in San Quintín, to start a local Surveillance Committee.
  • In late December, two Destination Agreements (Acuerdos de destino) for the protection of two wetlands in San Quintín Bay, Ensenada were approved.
  • We’re working on establishing the declaration of the San Quintín lagoon complex as a Biosphere Reserve.

Sierra de San Pedro Mártir and Sierra de Juárez

  • We want to reestablish Sierra de Juárez and Sierra San Pedro Mártir both as Forest Reserves.
  • We’re working to prevent overgrazing in Sierra de San Pedro Mártir to protect biodiversity; we are also working alongside the National Park and nearby ranches through a conservation cooperation agreement in Sierra San Pedro Mártir.