What We Achieved in 2021

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We are very excited to share what we accomplished this year thanks to the support of volunteers, donors and companies interested in protecting the natural heritage of Baja California.

Today we protect over 130,000 acres of natural areas in Ensenada, Sierra de San Pedro Martir, San Quintin and El Rosario through different conservation categories.

These areas are home to endangered wildlife (species such as kangaroo rats, pumas, coyotes, black brantas and snowy plovers), as well as their habitats (wetlands, forests, scrub, volcanoes and beaches).

Learn about some of our most important achievements:

  • New protected area! The San Quintin Nature Reserve was certified as an area destined for conservation.
  • We signed an agreement with a tourist company in order to preserve the habitat of the birds that live and migrate to San Quintin.
Photo by Alan Harper.
  • Restored trails in the nature reserves thanks to the community park rangers from a local community.
  • During the Bird Festival in San Quintin, more than 200 people enjoyed citizen science and community art activities, such as birdwatching, online talks and the opening of the exhibition “Travesía” with more than 150 works of artists, writers and photographers.
Festival de las Aves
Bird Festival team.
  • More than 50 people, including park rangers, forest brigades and firefighters from San Quintin and Sierra San Pedro Martir, will receive tools and equipment for combating wildfires; they will be strengthened through professionalization and training in prevention, management and combat techniques. This was achieved thanks to the support of people who donated to the Forest Firefighters campaign, as well as Home Depot Mexico for donating equipment.
  • Thanks to camera trap monitoring efforts in the Valle Tranquilo Nature Reserve, we recorded photos of 4 pumas in important corridors and trails.
Pumas en Valle Tranquilo
Photo by camera trap.

¡This is just a selection of what we did this year thanks to your support! You will find more information in our next impact report.

Our work is possible thanks to voluntary contributions. If you are interested in supporting us, consider making a donation

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