Workshop to Strengthen Ecotourism Companies from San Quintín

Tiempo de lectura | Reading time: 2 minutos

Representatives of San Quintín participated in a workshop in La Paz as part of the second stage of strengthening ecotourism companies that is carried out in collaboration with the organization RED de Turismo Sustentable. 

The workshop “Marketing in tourist destination: design and branding strategy” was held from January 27 to 31, 2020 in La Paz, Baja California Sur, and was taught by Dr. Luis Carlos Amador Betancourt.

Two representatives of San Quintin, Dante Huerta from Baja Brains and Agustina Murillo from the community of La Chorera, as well as Claudia Guzmán from Terra Peninsular participated.

This course offered participants the opportunity to reflect on issues related to the life of the tourist service and business culture.

The first part of this training was carried out in 2019. Continue reading here

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