First Climate Change Mitigation Meeting in Querétaro

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By Mariana Espinosa and Héctor Sánchez / Terra Peninsular

This article was translated by Oscar Gómez

We attended the workshop “Subnational climate actions, local project: local protocol to green Mexico” on June 28th to 30th, in the city of Querétaro.

The workshop presented advances in forest and soil regenerative management actions which are being implemented in the states of Nuevo León, Chihuahua and Querétaro.

In Querétaro, through Sierra Gorda Ecological Group (GESG, for its acronym in Spanish) and as a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA), it is being implemented a model that contemplates mitigation actions to regenerate the landscape (“Acciones subnacionales de mitigación para la regeneración de paisaje”, in Spanish), by applying actions focused in forest restoration and planned grazing.

In Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, we visited a plot of land that has been free of livestock for 25 years and its restoration is free of human intervention. They explained to us the methodologies they use in forest carbon monitoring. We also visited a ranch where they make activities under a regenerative management of ranches’ scheme (we visited the flock of sheep) and the biointensive crops (where we harvested and consumed fruits and vegetables). They make some products like sausages, jams, fruits, vegetables, etc. for its own consume or for sale.

This experience will allow us to replicate these climate change mitigation and adaptation actions and to contribute to landscape restoration by promoting the carbon capture and the community participation.  

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